24. maj 2017: Engelsk YPG-soldat fra Manchester kommenterer terrorangrebet på hans fødeby

Den engelske skuespiller og YPG-Soldat Michael Enright, der befinder sig i udkanten af Raqqa,  har givet følgende meddelelse til sine bysbørn efter at have hørt om terrorangrebet på hans fødeby Manchester:

“My name is Michael Enright. I’m from Manchester in England. I’m a YPG fighter. It’s the morning of 23rd of May. We just found out about the terrorist attack in my hometown, which brought up a lot of emotions. I mean I’m used to a lot of death and a lot of terrorist attacks, but obviously it has a different connotation when it’s my hometown. The overwhelming part is just the heartbreak for kids! People just having a night out, watching Ariana Grande, you know, going out for fun, to enjoy themselves with their friends and their families, and then to be mowed down – for what? For evilness, just pure evilness. But to the people of Manchester, and England and everywhere – get behind us. We’re with you, we love you. And help us. We’re taking it home. We’re taking it to them. When I go to Raqqa, I’m giving them no quarter. I will expect not that much mercy from them, and I will give them not that much mercy. That much I can promise you. I will remember Manchester.”

Du kan se videoen på https://anfenglish.com/news/british-ypg-fighter-sends-a-message-on-manchester-attack-20138