Geographical Information Service

– Northern Syria

This webpage is produced to deliver geographical information in Danish on the civil war in Northern Syria, with special emphasis on the armed conflicts but also on the development of the civil life in the areas dominated by Syrian Kurdish population and their allies among a growing variety of ethnic, religious and cultural troupes in northern Syria.

Having liberated almost all Syrian territories north and east of the Eufrat river from Islamic state within the last two years, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) under leadership of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG/YPJ), and supported by a coalition of western countries representing the former colonial powers of the area, seems to be a more and more indispensable upcoming force in the future search for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crises. But at the same time this coalition is facing multiple economic, social and cultural conflicts to be overcome due to the long tradition of social oppression in the Middle East based on national, ethnic and/or religious seduction of the population.

The most inportant single source of information for this webpage is the Ukrainian page liveuamap.com, delivering daily updated geo-coded information on a lot of international conflict areas, the most important of them being the conflict between the many different actors in Syria and Iraq and the Islamic State. Geographical Information Service has received a permanent permission to use the maps of liveuamap.com  from the ceo of the webpage Rodion Rozhkovsky.

The Syrian Kurdish news agency ANHA – Hawer News Agency (http://en.hawarnews.com) is another important source, especially on more official kurdish-syrian issues as well as on economic, social and cultural aspects of the development in Northern Syria. But all types of information is used especially to triangulate information on the geographical aspects of the conflicts and underlaying motives and processes.

Jesper Brandt