Den vigtigste geografiske kilde til denne hjemmeside er, en dynamisk geografisk kortlægning af en række konfliktområder rundt omkring i verden, hvoraf Syrien-Irak udgør en af de mest  detajlerede. Siden laves og vedligeholdes i Ukraine. Geografisk Informationstjeneste har fået en permanent tilladelse til at bruge alle kort fra  af sidens chief executive officer (ceo) Rodion Rozhkovsky.

Desuden hentes information om officielle udmeldinger fra PYD/YPG, samt generelt nyhedsstof fra de SDF-dominerede områder fra nyhedsbureauet ANHA – Hawer news Agency, og det kurdiske nyhedsbyreau ANF.

Derudover er det brugt en række forskellige kilder. Ved anonyme artikler, typisk fra ANF eller ANHA, er kilden angivet som Anonymous, årstal, og angivet i kronologisk rækkefølge, med de med ældst udgivelsesdato øverst.

For nyere indlæg, er kilderne desuden angivet i bunden af indlægget.

For en del temaer er især brugt de opsamlede twittermeddelelser fra konfliktens parter og andre interesserede i konflikten, der er kommet ind på Da en reference til alle disse kilder vil være for omfattende har jeg i de tilfælde været nødt til kun at anføre den periode, indenfor for hvilken twittermeddelelserne kan findes på



(anonyme kilder anført efter udgivelsesdato, andre kilder efter forfatternavn, anført i alfabetisk orden)

Anonymous, 2015: Syria: 2015/2016 Wheat production up from last year due to favorable precipitation. USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. Commodity Intelligens Report. July 2015.

Anonymous, 2017: Turkey-PKK conflict: UN report tells of ‘2000 dead’ since truce collapse. BBC. 10 March 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Euphrates region within the adeministrative division. ANHA 15. august 2017

Anonymous, 2017: First cow farm in Afrin opened. ANHA, 28. August 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: SDF Commander: Raqqa battle should end in two months. ANF, 29. August 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Ameds’s poor children. ANF 31 aug. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Satellite images show extent of destcruction in Kurdish cities. ANF, 31. Aug. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Former Euhrates Shield group joined SDF. ANF, 4. September 2017

Anonymous, 2017: SDF commander: Raqqa city is mainly under SDF control. ANF, 4 sept. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Belgian court: PKK is not a terrorist organisation. ANF, 14 Sep. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Bayik: The victory is definitely ours; the colonizers will lose. ANF, 16. sept. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Hadiya Yousef: communes’ election success is a triumph for our great people. ANHA, Sept. 21, 2017

Anonymous, 2017: AKP is behind the attacks on Kurdish shopkeepers in Antwerp. ANF, 1. nov. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Al-Tabqa: Massive forestation campaign to be launched by 2018. ANHA, 7. Nov. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Kurdish refugee team promoted to the Swedish Top Football League. ANF, 10. Nov. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Rapid efforts for agricultural sector in al-Tabqa’s. ANHA, Nov. 11, 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Cizire: EHC discloses name of accepted candidates for local councils. ANHA, nov. 14, 2017

Anonymous, 2017: SDF hand over security tasks in al-Mashleb to Security Forces. ANHA, Nov. 15, 2017

Anonymous, 2017: First day at school in post-ISIS Raqqa. ANF, 27 Nov. , 2017

Anonymous, 2017: SDF refutes claims of ceasefire with ISIS. ANF, 28. Nov, 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: YPG: We are ready to form a joint operation room to fight Daesh. ANHA, Dec. 3, 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Northern Syria election results announced. ANF, 5. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Opening 1st iron recycling factory in counbtryside of al-Tabqa city. ANHA, 10. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: SDF, Iraqi army to establish joint coordination center at border. ANF, 10. Dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Opening of University of Kobani officially announced. ANHA, 11. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Six more schools to open in Raqqa. ANF, 12. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Parliament bans Kurdish MP from two sessions for saying Kurdistan. ANF, 13. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Erdogan personally formed the armed gang in Germany. ANF, 14. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Baydemir fined 12,000 TL for saying “Kurdistan” at the parliament. ANF, 15. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Prominent information about Kobani’s University. ANHA, 16. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Souq al-Hal in al-Raqqa reviving again. ANHA, 17. Dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Demirtas: We will lead the struggle for freedom to victory. ANF, 17. Dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: SDF Commander: “We are in harmony with Iraq for border security”. ANF, 17. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: HDP proposal in Irish Parliament. ANF, 17. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: More people return to cleared neighborhoods of Raqqa. ANF, 19. Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Democratic Federation’s response: Assad plays with fire. ANF, 20. Dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Campaign to clean up archaeological sites in Afrin canton. ANHA, 21 dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: “250 ISIS members sent from Jaroblus to Europe”. ANF, 21 Dec. 2017

Anonymous, 2017: Campaign to clean up archaeological sites in Afrin canton. ANHA, 21 dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2017: Organized Crime Combating Office arrested brookerage cell in al-Tabqa. ANHA, 29 dec. 2017.

Anonymous, 2018: Ministry confirms connection between Turkey and Osmanen Germania. ANF, 5. Jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: HDP’s Bestas: “MIT members spoke, why is the government silent?”. ANF, 6. Jan 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: ”MIT’s role is now certain, France should take action”. ANF, 6. Jan 2018

Anonymous, 2018: First commune established in Raqqa. ANF, 8. Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: KCK to release confessions of MIT officers about Paris killings. ANF, 8. Jan 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Al-Raqqa’s transportation companies reoperating. ANHA, 8 jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: New batch of machineries for reconstruction up to al-Raqqa city. ANHA, 8. Jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: MIT officers’ confessions about Paris Massacre. ANF, 10 Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Formation of communes in al-Raqqa’s al-Tayyuar district finished. ANHA, 11. Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Today in the attack on Afrin launched with Russia’s permission. ANF, 21 Jan 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Russian newspaper: Turkey is attacking Afrin, next target is Aleppo. ANHA, 23. Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Journalist who wrote about civilian casualties in Afrin arrested. ANF, 22. Jan 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Dozens detained for criticizing attack on Afrin. ANF, 23. Jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018; SDF calls on Turkish army and affiliated gangs to surrender. ANHA, 26 jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: CENTCOM: US troops will not withdraw from Manbij. ANF, 29. Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish accupation army uses cluster bombs banned internationally. ANHA, 30 jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Directorate of Antiquities: Turkish occupation army targets archaeological sites. ANHA, 31 jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Directorate of Tourism and Protection of Antiquities in al-Tabqa:  Turkey committed crimes against history. ANHA, 31 jan. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Justice Minister: French jihadists can be tried in Rojava. ANF, 5. Jan 2018. Anonymous, 2018: Stop Turkey‘s war crimes and crimes against humanity. #DefendAfrin. #NoFlyZone4Afrin. End Jan. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Votel ”World should be grateful for (SDF) while Turkey commits massacres in Afrin”. ANHA, 1. Febr. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: ”Erdogan attacks Afrin with remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra”. ANF, 2. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Netherlands withdraws its ambassador from Turkey, will not accept Turkish ambassador as well. ANHA, 5. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Siban Hamo: Turkey did not achieve its goals in Afrin, its eye on Aleppo. ANHA, 6 feb. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Despite his losses in Afrin ..  Erdogan threatens again with occupation of Manbij. ANHA, 6. Febr. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Swedish FM cancels Turkey visit over attack against Afrin. ANF, 7. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Paris accuses Turkey of violating international law and warns it. ANHA, 7. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish army bombing water purification plants in Afrin. ANHA, 7. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: ”Al-Heyra” turbine illuminates al-Mansoura reaches Al-Raqqa. ANHA, 8. Februar 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Do not be surprised if Turkey accused YPG of carrying out air strikes against civilian targets in Ankara. ANHA, 8. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Meet Turkey’s allies in Afrin. ANF, 9. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Mesopotamia Ecology Movement issues a calæl for Afrin under attack. ANF, 9. Feb. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: For second time, Turkish accupation army targets the water station in Afrin. 10. Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: 39 French senators urge the government to support Kurds in Afrin. ANF, 10. febr. 2018.

Ahmed, Solomon, 2018: What happened last night in Afrin? ANHA, 9 febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Chaliand: ”Turkey’s FSA is no other than ISIS. ANF, 10 feb. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: German police shoot member of Osmanen Germania in Wuppertal. ANF, 10 Febr. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish Commander’s Afrin admission: ”Not a single bullet came”. ANF, 28 Feb. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Afrin Lawyers Platform: Wee documented 922 reports of Turkish violations in Afrin. ANHA, 1. March 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: French newspaper: Turkey violates international law, do ethnic genocide of Kurds in Syria. ANHA, 1. Marts, 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Giesbert calls Turkish president Erdogan ‘a butcher’. ANF, 7. March 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: SDF releases balance sheet on Afrin battle since January 20. ANF, 7. March 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: SDF reveal result of 24-hour combat operations. ANHA, 8. March 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish-backed gangs plunder Kurdish villages. ANF, 8. march 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: AKP MPs attack HDP MPs in Parliament after a speech on Afrin. ANF, 9 march 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Citizen tells what he saw during three days with Turkish gangs. ANHA, 9. March 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Open letter to the United Nations on Turkey’s Afrin operation. ANF, 9. marts 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Autonomous Administration in Afrin warns of humanitarian disaster with international silence. ANHA, 11. march 2018

Anonymous, 2018:  Saleh Moslem: Turkey kills Kurds in Afrin with European weapons. ANF, 11. March 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Afrin administration: The war has moved to another stage. ANF, 18 marts 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Operation Cizire Storm halted because of Turkey’s Afrin invasion. ANHA, 18. marts 2018

Anonymous, 2018: AFP documents looting in Afrin. ANF, 20. marts 2018

Anonymous, 2018: What did Macron and representatives of Northern Syria talk about? ANF, 29. March 2018

Anonymous, 2018: “ISIS cells were activated by the attack on Afrin. ANF, 14 april 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish army and their gangs abduct Êzidîs in Afrin. ANF, 14 April 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: EU to announce critical report on Turkey. ANF, April 15, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: The Netherlands: Erdogan propaganda is a threat to public order”. ANF, April 21 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: HDP executives detained in Denizli. April 28 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Election coordination set up for HDP in Belgium. April 29, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: HDP’s Buldan: Let’s get together to defeat AKP-MHP fascism. ANF, April 29, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: HDP election work underway. ANF, April 30, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Collapse in Turkish economy unstoppable. ANF, May 3, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Demirtaş: The HDP will be the best surprise of the election. May 4, 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Raqqa: A city is being rebuilt. ANF, 4. May 2018

Anonymous, 2018: ISIS standards in Afrin. ANF, 6 maj 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Demirtaş: Overseas votes are particularly important. ANF, May 8, 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Governor of Şirnak tours villages for AKP, threatens people. May 8, 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Afrin Girl, child, 3 civilians kidnapped. ANHA, 9. Mai 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Continuation of kidnapping, torture, murder in Afrin. ANHA, 9 Mai 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Yazidi’s corpse kidnapped by Turkisgh mercenaries in Afrin found. ANHA, 12 Mai 2018.

Anonymous, 2018, Appeal for HDP presidential candidate Demirtaş’s release. ANF, May 15, 2018

Anonymous, 2018: People’s Municipality in al-Raqqa received new batch of machineries. ANHA, 21. Maj 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Over 400 architects and engineers suppert HDP and Demirtaş. ANF, 20 juni 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Manbij Military Council’ images exposed Turkish army’s lies. ANF, 18. June 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Video refuted Turkish claims to enter Manbij. ANHA. 18 jun 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: A Turkish mercenary admits what he intended to do. ANHA, 21 juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: HDP first party in 11 provinces of North Kurdistan. ANF, 24 Juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: HDP overcomes threshold despite Erdoǧan and State of Emergency. ANF, 24 juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Initial figures point to second round for presidential elections. ANF, 24. Juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: HDP: We are ready to take on our historic role. ANF, 27.juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Smart news Agency, 27 june 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Reading numbers after the election. ANF, 28. Juni 2018

Anonymous, 2018: TEV-DEM official: Dialogue is the key to solve the Syrian war. ANF, 6. July 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Deal reached in Daraa: Armed groups surrender. ANF, 6. Juli 2018.

Anonymous 2018: Concern for Idlib as Turkish army crosses the border. ANF, 19. juli 2018.

Anonymous 2018: Erdoǧan’s Ottoman gang ’Osmanen Germania’ banned in Germany. ANF, 20. juli 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Exchange completed between Kafria, al-Foa people, detainees in prisons of regime. ANHA, 20. Juli. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Lavrov, Russian chief of staff to discuss with Netanyahu Syrian issue. ANHA, 23 Juli 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: MSD makes official visit to Damascus. ANF, 27 Juli 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Muslim: Damascus meeting “test” for both parties. ANHA, 28 Juli 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: MSD-Damascus meeting said to have irritated Turkey and KDP. ANF, 31 July 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: MSD’s Ehmed: Meeting with Syrian officials was positive. ANF, 31, July 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: SDF ready to exchange ISIS members with civilians from Suwayda. ANF, 6. August 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Druze people of Suwayda thank the SDF and YPG. ANF, 7. August 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: ISIS member exposes relationship between ISIS and Turkey. ANF, 15. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: YPG: Turkey tries to cover up with lies the blows it receives. ANF, 15. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Time running out for Ankara: Idlib in turbulence. ANF, 17. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Putin-Erdogan meeting in Sochi ends. ANF, 17. Sept. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Dozens of civilians fleeing from Hajin reach to SDF areas. ANHA, 17. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Surrounded in Hajin, ISIS uses civilians as human shields.l ANF, 18. Sept. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Saleh Muslim: There are new deals between Russia, Turkey. ANHA, 18. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: ANHA correspondent monitors battles of Bagouz al-Fawkani front. ANHA 19. Sept. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: ‘If we do not liberate Afrin, Syria will not get rid of division’. ANHA, 22. Sept.

Anonymous, 2018: Are mercenaries withdrawing from the buffer zone in Idlib? ANF, 27. Sept. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: ISIS and Al-Nusra in occupied Afrin. ANF, 1. oct. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkish army and their gangs abduct Yaszidis in Afrin. ANF, 1. Oct. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Turkey abducts nine civilians as “YPG fighters”. ANHA, 2. Oct. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: De Mistura in an upcoming visit to Damascusa. ANHA, 17. Oct. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Idlib operation taking shape. ANF, 23. Aug. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Assad: The Idlib agreement is temporary. ANF, 8. Okt. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: What will become of the Idlib Agreement? ANF, 22 okt. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: US delegation: MSD should be included in Geneva. ANF, 25. Oct. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Jeffrey demands MSD, DAA participation in Geneva, Syrian Constitution’s formulation. ANHA, 25. Oct. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Call for Afrin for Merkel before Istanbul summit. ANF, 26. okt. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Session on Syria in UN Security council. 26. Oct. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Macron, Merkel and Putin hold visit to support fascism. ANF, 29. okt. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: SDF suspends Deir ez-Zor operation due to Turkish attacks. ANF, 31. okt. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: Salih Muslim: Attacks are connected to the quadrup.tle summit. ANF, 2. nov. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: U.S. Begins training Turkish troops for patrols in Syria’s Manbij. Haarets, Middle-east news, syria. November 04, 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Jeffrey: Turkish attacks in nordthern Syria delayed Daesh elimination. ANHA, 7. november 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Observatory: 65 mercenaries killed in SDF, Global Coalition operations. ANHA, 8. Nov. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Jabhet al-Nusra shows its strength in Idlib. ANHA, 8. Nov. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Joseph Dunford: SDF defeated strongest terrorist organization in ME. ANHA, 9. December 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Le Drian: Absolute priority is restoration of lands from IS. ANHA, 18 dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Northern Syria rises up against invation. ANF, 19. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Iranian forces moving towards Deir ez-Zor. ANF, 20 dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Trump believes fight against DAESH achieved goal. ANF, 20. December 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: French Presidency: We will continue to support SDF. ANHA, 21. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Syrian Democratic Council calls for a no-fly zone. ANF, 21. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Washington post: Trump repeats Obama’2 mistakes, consequences to be worse this time. ANHA, 22. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: After Defense Secretary, “Brett McGurk” resigns. ANHA, 22. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Videoed… How US Senator Thomas Garrett commented on Trump’s decision. ANHA, 22. Dec. 2018. Se også

Anonymous, 2018: SDF: IS’gangs gathered its forces after US President’s decision. ANHA, 22. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Senior Syrian Kurdish official calls on U.S. to stop Turkish offensive. Ekurd Daily, 22. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Letter from 22 members of Congress to Trump. ANHA, 23. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Former US ambassador warns of withdrawal: We will confirm our abandonment of our principles. 23. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Withdrawal order signed for American troops. ANF, 24. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Al-Tabqa’s Civil Administration: ISIS cells intensified their activities after Trump’s decision. ANHA, 26. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: US senator: America will withdraw wisely from Syria. ANHA, 31. Dec. 2018

Anonymous, 2018: US Senator: Trump is re-evaluating withdrawal from Syria. ANF, 31. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Russian FM support roadmap to protect north, east of Syria. 31. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: Holland warns of fueling terrorism by Turkish thr3eats to Kurds in Syria. ANHA, 31. Dec. 2018.

Anonymous, 2018: PYDs Muslim evaluates 20189 for North and East Syria. ANF 31 december 2018.

Anonymous, 2019: Chief Pentagon spokeswoman announces resignation. ANF, 1. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: US President said withdrawal from Syria will take four months. ANF, 1. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: French Minister of Armed Forces: Our mission to destroy IS has not changed. ANHA, 1. Jan 2019

Anonymous, 2019: SDF confiscates large amounts of ISIS ammunition in Hajin. ANF, 2. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: ISIS’ strongholds destroyed, SDF fighters advancing towards al-Shafa. ANHA; 3 jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Tyrkey asserts hypocrisy, claims it will continue to protect rights of Syrian Kurds. ANHA, 4. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Joint statement of Syriac organisations in Europe, Syria and US demanding No-fly Zone Over North-East Syria against Turkey threats: No-fly zone over north east Syria. Stop the Ottoman Turkish invading Nords East Syria. Don’t let Christianity be driven out of North east Syria. 4. Jan. 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Hundreds of civilians flee from IS in al-Sousse. ANHA, 6. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Washington appoints James Jeffery envoy to Coalition to Fight Daesh. ANHA, 7. Jan. 2019

Anonymous, 2019: The British Times: Leaving the Kurds alone will hurt the West. ANHA, 8. January 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Bolton’s visit to Ankara: Yellow vests, PKK and more. ANF, 8. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Bolton: Securing SDF is the basic “condition” for our withdrawal. ANF, 8. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: 8 foreign Daesh terrorists planning to attack civilians captured. ANF, 9. Jan 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Bab Military council and Russian forces go on joint patrol. ANF, 9. Jan 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Syrian Foreign Ministry: We contacted with Kurds, we are optimistic. ANHA, 9. Jan 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: German government warns Turkey: There is no military solution to Syrian conflict.  ANHA, 10. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Will Germany demand the wanted ISIS member back from the YPG? ANF, 10. Jan. 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Germany’s weapons sales to Turkey increased threefold. ANF, 11. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: YPG Spokesman Nuri Mahmud responds to accusations by Turkey. ANF, 12. January 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Elimination of 23 mercenaries, destruction of 18 sites for a period of 24 hours. ANHA, 13. Jan. 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Cell arrested belonging to Turkish intelligence in Manbij. ANHA, 17. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous: 47 ISIS terrorists killed, 300 civilians freed. ANF, 18. Jan. 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: President decided to withdraw U.S.Forces without consulting allies or understanding the facts on the ground. ANHA, 18 januar 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: “It is unrealistic to expect Turkey taking US’ place in Syria”. ANF, 21. Januar 2019.


Anonymous, 2019: Victory has been in sight in Deir ez-Zor. ANHA, 17. Februar 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Record pledge at Brussels III Conference, EU supports future of Syria and the region. European External Action Service. 14. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: About 1,000 mercenaries are stationed in al-Bagouz Mount. ANHA, 19. marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Official in Pentagon: SDF arrested group linked to Manbij Bombing. ANHA, 19. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Photos show how IS mercenaries surrendered to SDF in al-Bagouz. ANHA, 19. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: SDF published clashes’ outcome in evening in al-Bagouz. ANHA, 19. marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: US shift in the Middle East .. Long-term presence. What are the reasons? ANHA, 19. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Kurdish parties denounce regime threats, call for dialoque. ANHA, 20. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Qamishlo people celebrate SDF victory over IS. ANHA, 21. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: ‘US preparing to stop delivering modern fighter jets to Turkey,’ officials told reuters. ANHA, 21 marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Russian official calls on international community to put end to Erdogans ambitions. ANHA, 22. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: ISIS flag taken dowen, YPJ flag planted in Baghouz. ANF, 22. marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Brett McGurk thanks SDF for ending Daesh. ANHA, 23. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: French President Macron salutes SDF’s victory. ANF, 23. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Gen. Votel congratulates SDF on victory over IS. ANHA, 23. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Macron praises SDF’s role ending Daesh. ANHA, 23. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: SDF announce Daesh’s defeat, start of new phase to fight its sleeping cells. ANHA, 23. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: William Robak: We still have more work to eliminate Daesh completely. ANHA, 23. Marts 2019

Anonymous, 2019: US to remain in Syria, Russian economy suffering from rescession. ANHA, 23. Februar 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: SDF liberated al-Bagouz from IS. ANHA, 23. marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Trump: We will continue work with our partners, allies to deter terrorists. ANHA, 24 marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Red Cross delegation visits al-Hol camp. ANHA, 24. marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Daesh has not yet been defeated … It is in Idlib. ANHA, 24 marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Strasbourg resistance on day 104. ANF, 30. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: German jurist visits hunger strikers in Strasbourg, ANF, 31. Marts 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Margaret Owen goes on hunger strike against Öcalan’s isolation. ANF, 2. April 2019.

Anonymous, 2019: Elections of Turkey, northern Kurdistan… Another blow for Erdogan after al-Bagouz! ANHA, 2. april 2019

Anonymous, 2019: Owen: The silence on what is going on in Turkey is shameful. ANF, 3. april 2019


Abdo, Muhahad, 2017: 600 licenses granted to stores in Aleppo’s eastern provinces. ANHA, apr. 5, 2017

Ahmed, Mizgin All-Dejla, 2017: People of Kobani: electors should be for qualified persons. ANHA, Sept. 9, 2017

Ahmad, Sulieman, 2017: Demographic change is underway in al-Shahba. ANHA, apr. 9, 2017

Ahmo, Dyiar 2018: People of Hajin displace towards Iwa camp, appeal to SDF to liberate them. ANHA, 18. Sept. 2018

Al-Khalaf, Amar og Dyiar Ahmo 2018: Dozens of civilians landed to ”Iwa” camp north of Hajin. ANHA, 16 sept. 2018.

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